Life vs. Eating Healthy

Today’s Topic: Life vs. Healthy Eating

Eating heathy has been a huge challenge for me my entire life. I live in Philadelphia…yessssss…the home of cheesesteaks, hoagies, pretzels, water ice and so many other great foods. The down side is these foods are absolutely terrible for the body. This is one of the many reasons I am now struggling with my weight.  
I get off work between 5:30 pm-7:00 pm, because I get off later it is much easier for me to grab Chinese food, order a pizza and wings or stop at a drive-thru.
Yes, I can cook and for the most part I try to cook during the week. When I do cook, I tend to use quick meal items such as Pasta Sides, Rice Sides and microwavable bags of frozen vegetables. Other quick favorites are Zatarain’s Jambalaya or Stouffers Lasagna. These are all things that I can throw on the stove or in the oven and have a meal in less than 30 minutes. Although this is an easy way to have a “home cooked meal”, it’s still processed and contains a very small amount (if any) of nutrients and tons of salt. For me and many other working women, is it very hard to cook healthy,home cooked meals every day. My mother and grandmother suggested cooking on Sunday for the week. (Ummmmm nooooooooo)!!! Who wants to eat chicken and veggies on Thursday that was cook Sunday?? NOT ME!!!! It’s a hassle trying to cook after a busy day, but it’s an uneasy feeling feeding your family unhealthy quick meals, and/or spending an extra 100.00 a week on takeout or fast food. So….LET’S TALK ABOUT IT!!!
TIPS: Before going grocery shopping, create a menu for the week, month, year…whatever you feel comfortable with. You can even create a menu every few days if that’s easier. Google or Pinterest (I LOVE LOVE LOVE PINTEREST), 30-minute healthy dinners or healthy crock pot meals. At this point you will have options and can start the process of creating your menu. Try new recipes to make cooking and eating exciting! After creating your menu make a shopping list, ONLY BUY THINGS ON THE LIST!! It is very hard I know!! Doing this, not only helps you stay on track with your meal prep and healthy eating, it also helps you stay within your budget. You will be saving at the market and saving during the week because you are not eating out. Cook extra food to take to work for lunch the next day too!  This is also a great way to save and stay on track with eating heathier throughout the work day. The biggest gain is you will be eating much healthier! You will also save a ton of money that you can use for that new wardrobe you’ll need after losing weight from eating healthy!!! Health Is Wealth Ladies!! Check out the added links for two healthy recipes you can try from these great blogs 👇🏾

Fruit Chaat – Hira’s Cookshack

rye and tuna patties & a tale of two immigrants

12 thoughts on “Life vs. Eating Healthy

  1. My favorite fast meal is one sheet pan recipes. I chop up veggies like potatoes, asparagus, onions, broccoli, carrots, and so on and toss them on a pan with cut up a meat. Season it with different seasonings for whatever I’m feeling that day and toss it in the oven till it’s done. 30 minute healthy easy meal. Leave out potatoes or cut them up small for faster time.

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  2. I grew up eating home cooked meals all the time. Later, when I was older and life got busy, I started to eat out and on-the-go most of the time… this may be ok once in a while but over time, it started to see and feel the impact on my health. These days, we stay away from processed foods, and stick to homemade and from scratch and limit eating out to special occasions only. It takes time and planning but truly worth it. I am not a nutritionist but I truly believe that what you eat has a biggest impact on your health. Oh… and you have a lovely blog!

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    1. I am trying to do the same thing! I want to start feeding my children healthy foods all the time, starting now so when they are adults they will want to continue to eat healthy. It’s definitely hard with such a busy schedule. Thanks so much!

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      1. Starting is the first step… don’t pressure yourself to make too many changes all at once… go slowly but soon you will see, it won’t seem like too much work! Good luck on your journey!

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