Double Standards

Yesterday we talked about sex on the first day. I read all of the comments and I really enjoyed reading different points of views! Thanks again for all of the comments and likes.

This topic led me to wonder..why is there a double standard when it comes to sex? 

If sex occurs on the first day, why is it that the woman doesn’t respect herself? What about the man?? It takes two to tango right!? 
Men are glorified for their sexual experiences and partners. Women are dragged through the mud for theirs. Example: Rihanna has become very sexually free within the last few years. She has posted nudes on her Instagram, and she is not afraid to let the world know that she a sexual women. She was immediately labeled a whore. Amber Rose is extremely vocal about her sexual freedoms..again whore, hoe, THOT. 

Let’s talk about these men in the industry. They talk about sex with this person and that person, they have half naked women all over them in videos and at club appearances. They have sex with hundreds of groupies but, they are respected and labeled as “Bosses”. Do you see a problem here? 

A man can work at a job, be married or single and have sex with several women on the job. Of course he is not frowned upon. But…a woman at the same job can give 2 of her male coworkers her number is she is labeled “the work hoe” Why? 

If a woman has sex on the first day, she has no morals or standards per society. The same man that was in the bed with her is just a man, he has no labels. Some women worry about the man respecting them after sex and forgot that he’s in the act with them. Who cares about how he feels!!! Be confident within yourself and your decisions. Trust me, if a man has sex with a women on the first day he isn’t worrying about how much respect that women has for him. 
So can someone please tell me! Why do men get passes and women don’t! It’s the same act. Why is there such a huge double standard when it comes to sex and dating!???
People definitely have different views about sex period. Some people believe that you should wait for marriage, some people are more sexually free. Most times their opinions are based on religion. Like I said before this is a no judgement zone so I don’t think it’s right or wrong either way. I believe in freedom of choice, religion and so on. So whatever makes you happy..DO IT! 


19 thoughts on “Double Standards

  1. You are 100% right; I definitely think there is a double standard when it comes to men and women and sex. I personally am pretty conservative when it comes to this matter, however I don’t understand why people feel that they can judge what someone else chooses to do with their body. Why is it that men are cool if they sleep with a woman on a first date but a woman is considered a whore?!?! That’s absurd. Society has placed “normative” behaviors on both men and women and they couldn’t be more unfair

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    1. Brittney, you and I are on the exact same page. I am definitely more conservative as well. There are certain things I may never do for my own person reasons, but I would NEVER judge another women. Men and women are looked at the exact same to me. Double standards are ridiculous!

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      1. I completely agree! The way that women are treated based on what they choose to do with their bodies disgusts me. What gives someone the right to tell a woman how they should and shouldn’t live their life while they are simultaneously high-fiving a man for doing the EXACT thing they are chastising a woman for doing? It really makes me so mad.

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  2. There is and always will be this double standard. If women want to be sexually free they should, they just have to be confident and self-aware enough to not care about whatever label that will be placed on them. I also believe that the labels have a lot to do with how slutty a women is. For example, If a women sleeps with her friends man, she’s a hoe. I don’t care how sexually free she claims to be. As long as no one is being hurt by his or her actions, do you.

    When it comes to celebrities and women like Amber Ross, I feel a little different. Unfortunately, young people look up to celebrities. They’re many young ladies who post half naked pics on social media because they see Kim K, Amber and so many others do it. So if they are going to do this, I guess they should be able to but I think they have a responsibility to teach young women that sex is not the only thing women have to offer. Amber likes to say that she can be sexy and a mom but her son is not going to be a toddler forever. Eventually her behavior is going to cause problems for him and I don’t think that’s ok.

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  3. I am really tired of the double standards that are placed on women in many situations. A female “go-getter” on a job can easily be called a “bitch” ; if playing nice “assertive”, but a man is called a self starter and/or highly motivated. I think that these types of labels have gone on to long. Society supports bad sexual behaviors of men; whether they sleep with two sisters, cousins or otherwise, so I don’t expect much from men regarding this type of thinking. However, I would like to see more from women! Stop labeling one another! It amazes me how unfair women can be to one another. I have had conversations with women who are talking about a “girlfriend” and referring to her as a “slut”, but at the same time will say that their cheating mate is being a “man”. Changes that have taken place to support any women movement or ways of thinking regarding women has always started with women; I believe this is no different. People have no idea why someone is behaving in a certain way. That women you are calling a “slut” “whore” or what other disrespectful name you can call her, maybe a victim of child sexual abuse and unconsciously is trying to have a false sense of control over her body that she did not have as a child. There could be multiple reasons as to why a person is behaving as they are, who are you to judge! The women that was caught in an adulterous situation was forgiven by Christ , while those who wanted to stone her were basically asked to reflect upon their own behaviors. “He without sin cast the first stone”. The many times I have read this; I often wondered; who was the man and where was he, wouldn’t he have been adulterous too? Shouldn’t he have been at the stoning party too? I also bet there were women in the background screaming louder than some men ” stone her”; while saying you know how men are. I have heard these type of rhetorical remarks for far to long and I am sick of it. Stop judging others and reflect upon the things you may need to change about self, because when you are only focusing on others, you are cheating yourself out of being your best self. Think about!

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  4. Everything you say here is true. Sadly I don’t see how anything will change in the foreseeable future because, speaking as a man, we are pretty much morons. This labelling that we perpetrate is down to many things: insecurity, we know we are not as smart as women, fear, we know we might die alone and our children will be with their mothers, machismo, yeah, I don’t care about this stuff, and stupidity, I don’t need love, I just got laid. Please feel free to add your own reasons, I have probably missed a million or so.
    Oh, great blog, good luck!

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    1. I love how you think!!! Your comment is amazing! I am so happy that you are able to share your thoughts on my blog. Thank you!!! Please feel free to comment whenever you would like I seriously enjoy reading your comments.


  5. I had to make sure that I read this reply twice, so that I have the balance right. So let me first say this…I feel that all consenting adults (women and men!) should feel sexually free to do whatever they want to do…


    Men are built a little differently to women (both mentally and physically) and I think the fact that one gender can be potentially be left internally nurturing a life for nine months, means that a responsible society would want its women to be a little more cautious. I say this as I was a child raised by a single mother and an absent father.

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