Relationships are hard right?!!!  No matter how much you love your partner and how happy you are with them, everyone experiences hard times at some point in their relationship. Everyone has different things they will and will not tolerate in a relationship.

What do you expect out of your relationship?

My question is… In a relationship what’s more important to you, love or money?

Scenario #1

You have an amazing husband!!  He helps you cook, clean and take care of the kids. He is very affectionate, loving, unselfish and compassionate. But…..he works at a low paying job.  You are the breadwinner and take care of the household expenses. He can barely help with bills.  Your husband is not able to take you on vacation, dates or able to afford nice gifts. Anytime you do anything as a family you have to pay. Despite all of these things, he treats you like a queen. He runs your bath after work and rubs your feet while you take your bath. He comes home every day, straight from work and you never have to worry about him cheating or doing anything disrespectful in the marriage. You and your husband are a team when it comes to parenting and he loves you dearly.



Scenario #2

Your husband makes great money. You live in a beautiful home and drive a high-priced luxury car. You don’t have to work unless you want to.  You don’t even know how much the mortgage or any of the bills are because he pays everything. He takes you on vacation and pays for you to go away whenever you want to get away. He makes sure you have all of the nicest shoes, clothes, and bags. You eat at all of the top restaurants of your choice. But…he is a cheater. You know that he cheats and has been cheating for years because he doesn’t hide it from you. He has no respect for you. He barely comes home, and he doesn’t help with the kids. He showers you with gifts and money to keep you around, but you feel lonely and empty inside. He never says “I love you” or shows that he loves you. He doesn’t sleep in the same bed as you and barely wants to talk to you.


Which man do you want #1 or #2?

Money is very important. You cannot survive without it. EVERYTHING cost!! A place to live, food, transportation, heat in the winter and air in the summer. Ideally, we want a mixture of man 1 and 2. We all want money and the love, without the cheating. That’s in a perfect world though. Some people luck up and get both but most everyday people don’t. COMMENT BELOW


19 thoughts on “LOVE OR MONEY?

  1. Great post! I would take the man that works in a low paying job. And you’re right, having a mix of both would be nice, but it doesn’t really work like that. While I understand that money is necessary for helping meet our basic daily needs (bills, mortgage, etc.,), it’s certainly not everything. I’m comfortable being being poor (not that I want to be); growing up we didn’t have a lot of money and it helped me to appreciate everything that I had. I feel like people are always comparing themselves to how other people live and what other people have and by doing that you put yourself in the rat race of the world. People who have a lot of money, want more. No one is ever satisfied with a specific amount; once you realize you can make a million, you try and make a million more…and to be honest, I don’t want to be on that hamster wheel! As long as I have enough money to pay my bills, I’m content. If I ever came into a large amount of money I’d put some of it in savings and I would give the rest away. I would help my friends that are missionaries reach their monetary goals and I would give some back to the church, after all, the church food bank helped my family get groceries from time to time when I was growing up. I don’t know, I just don’t think money can buy happiness, ya know?!? Sorry for the super long reply. Xoxo

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    1. I love super long replies….your comment was great! You are absolutely right! Money is great, but emotional needs have to be met to be happy. Being comfortable is what most of us work for, and some people are so happy even though they may not have the nicest house or nicest car. I agree, no one with a lot of money is ever satisfied, they ALWAYS want more and more to try to be richer then the next person. I wonder how many millionaires are truly happy with their life overall.

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    2. When I read about man number one; my anxiety levels went up because I raised two children alone and I know how stressful it can be to have all bills on you. However, when I relaxed my mind I was reminded that God is our provider. I agree with your post. When I would face financial difficulties while raising my children, I would hear the Holy Spirit say ” God is your source, everything else is a resource”. Resources are what God uses to bless and provide for us all. When He is our source we have all the resources needed. Man number one would be a blessing.

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  2. I will choose #1. Because money can’t buy love and life is not about luxury things. Why stay in the relationship that can’t make u happy just because of money. That man will never give you the respect u deserve because he knows your in his life for money that’s why u let him do whatever he desires.

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    1. I totally agree! Most women chose man 2 for stability and financial comfort. It’s hard struggling and consistently stressing about how things are going to be paid for, but respect and love is definitely more important. With time I’m sure men 1 will find another job or maybe work 2 jobs.

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  3. Ha! Neither. I think this is a good example of what we as women have been taught to do…settle. You can have exactly who you desire in your life. The key is to know who you are and who that person you want is. It is possible.

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      1. Yep. It’s knowing what you really want and not settling 😉 men seem to settle a lot less. In fact, I wrote about this a few months ago in my Monday Notes. I’ll try to find and send.

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  4. I was just talking with my daughter about this blog entry. When I was younger and being a educated female, I would not have married either. Sadly, I would not considered marrying man number 1 because of his lack of income and I knew many of the second type. I once asked a good friend why some of the men with money treated the women in their lives so badly, I was told “she is brought and paid for”. Now that I am older and I am blessed with the finances to live well; I have a different perspective. That perspective is; you never know what life will bring you. The situations of life changes all the time and the last years has proven that to be true. Those with upper management jobs lost those job, while other with an entrepreneurial spirit made money flipping the houses those executives lost. The women who has the heart and mind to really know what is truly important may end up with the best of both worlds. I look at my life now and I am amazed by the blessings God continues to bestow upon me. I just never saw them coming as they have and continues to do so. See, “your latter days can be better than the former”.


  5. #1. But, I also believe that when you get in a marriage you should be equally yoked in the mind. Meaning that before you get married you should be able to combine funds so there is no this is my money and this is his money. If you are both fiscally sound and agree, you should take away the his/hers.

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  6. In most cases Money humbles a man, when he has less he will try and make up for it by being the best man to his woman. In some cases u find men that still have less and cheat.
    There is no man that has less in a relationship that doesn’t wish to have more.
    Men will always cheat, he doesn’t necessarily have to sleep with another woman, but will he check out that fine lady, flirt with that cute lady might even go as far as kissing but with the grace of God it will end there
    My point is he loves his wife enough he will never disrespect her to the point of letting her find out
    Money is v key ti sustain a marriage, u fail to mention that girls of todays gneration will leave u and ur children when u cant provide
    I choose to 2 with a more God Fearing approach to cheating

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    1. There are definitely some women who only care about money, and will leave their family if their is a lack of money. I don’t know many women like that but I know it happens. I think if men focused on their family and finances more and cheating less these issues wouldn’t be such a big deal. Money isn’t everything, team work can get a family through a lot!


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