Love or Looks????

When meeting someone, your initial attraction to that person is their looks. You don’t know if a person has a good personality until you actually have a conversation with them and/or spend time with them alone. The first thing that people see is how you look and how you dress. Right!?! 

Tonight my question is: What’s more important LOVE or LOOKS? 

Scenario #1

You have a man in your life that is very sweet, kind and respectable. He takes you on beautiful, romantic dates and you don’t touch a door or chair when you’re with him. He loves you and cares about you, and he shows it all the time. He sends you flowers regularly. He also makes sure your bills are paid. He takes your car to get cleaned monthly, inspected yearly and makes sure he fills your tank up every week. Overall he’s just a really great guy and you know there’s a bright future ahead if you marry him. But….he is not a looker at all. You are not physically attracted to him in anyway, shape or form. You can’t even kiss him because of the lack of attraction. He doesn’t dress well at all and you’re actually a little embarrassed to be seen out in public with him. 

Scenario #2

You have a man in your life that is drop dead gorgeous. Beautiful in every way and he is always dressed nice. He looks so good that you smile and get butterflies every time you know he’s calling or coming to see you. But….he doesn’t take you anywhere. He always wants to Netflix and Chill at your house. He comes over regularly, eats your food and doesn’t offer to pay a bill or bring food over. The one time he does take you out, he informs you that he wants to split the check AND wants you to tip. He’s not a gentleman at all. He never asks how your day is and could care less if you ate breakfast, lunch or dinner. He’s just a bum in every form of the word. 

Which man do you chose? 
Men..same scenario but with a woman..which woman do you go for?? 
For me, I definitely want a man I am attracted to. At the same time personality is soooo much more important to me. I could care less about clothes, shoes or sneakers. The qualities of a man are everything! I don’t want to deal with anymore men that don’t know how to treat a woman…good looks or not. Comment Below πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

26 thoughts on “Love or Looks????

  1. I would want a guy that I am attracted to, but at the same time, his aura and personality have to show through. And if he wants to do nice things for me and give me the world, I wouldn’t mind, even if I’m not the type to want everything. It’s a good thing I’ve already found that guy (5 years and counting).

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  2. Looks are great and all but I once dated a guy who was very attractive, but ended up being a bit of a jerk to people. Then he didn’t seem so attractive. On the other hand, another guy who may not be attractive but has a great personality ends up being more attractive in the end. So, I’d say looks aren’t everything. πŸ˜‰

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  3. I’m with you…gotta be attracted but the more you know someone that’s a truly decent human being the better they look πŸ™‚ so yes, if the guy was a really good, kind, genuine person…it might take longer to feel attracted but I think I want the inside more!

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  4. I always think these types of questions are interesting, but in my experience as a man, the looks and personality aren’t always two separate things, I think you can have an attractive man who does nice things (or vice versa) but looks alone aren’t enough to sustain a relationship, but we can’t pretend that a person who looks good isn’t appealing! Great post!

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    1. Yes, looks play a huge part in dating for most people. We try not to be shallow but everyone wants someone that they are physically attracted to. It’s hard to gain stronger feelings when the attraction is not there.

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  5. I’m going for #1. I can guarantee you , if a man is doing all that for you , you’ll grow to love him. Now I will say though If you can’t even stand to kiss him , you might want to get to know him better and find the his beauty in something other than his looks and what he can do for you . Get to know his soul and you’ll fall in love with him. The fine ones be the ones who won’t do right anyway πŸ™„

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  6. I really do think that each scenario is subject to each individual. Some may be so physically attractive that there lazy faults don’t bother you, and given the effort and time you could change them. But within that situation you would have to ask yourself; are they worth keeping if they’re not willing to change the disgusting ways?
    If that’s a no, then by all means throw that fish back in the sea.

    For those who are great in every form except physical looks, are you willing to be harshly honest as to try and change them so that they are attractive? By all means if they say no it’s down to you once again to keep or let them go entirely. Catch 22; if they don’t want to at least attempt to fix themselves up physically then that makes them the problem, not you. Be it wealth, health, income, looks or so forth, people should always strive to better themselves. And if that man or woman is happy being ugly then dare I say it, they’re ruining the relationship.

    Physical attraction is within our nature, incredibly stronger and a lot more within the desires of us men, because we’re…well let’s face it, we think with our brains second – first with something else. But nevertheless we all want those we’re partnered with to be attractive. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Brutal truth; everyone who knows they’re attractive (whether they’re vein or not) will always wish to retain their looks. – Everyone who knows they’re not exactly good looking will always strive to be that.

    Poetic flattery doesn’t stand for much in the real world – the modern day. People can say what they want about love being blind, it’s the heart that matters…and so on and so on, but the thing is looks do matter. No one is perfect, and frankly I don’t believe that word holds much value as it is. But the fact of the matter is looks are just as important as the personality, and there’s a reason why it’s the initial driving factor for how most people meet. Subjective to each person, yes, looks are. But regardless, they’re required.

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