Some Men want a 21st-century woman with 20th-century values.

Most men do not settle for mediocre women, which is a good thing. No one should ever settle!
Unfortunately, most women definitely will settle. I believe that it’s because we have been convinced that there is a shortage of men, all men are liars and all men are cheaters. I guess some of us just take what we can get. Go figure. 🤷🏾‍

It’s ok to not settle when someone doesn’t have to settle to be with you….Let that sink in.

Does anyone else feel that men want a lot from women in relationships?? Sometimes more than they can give?

My question is, why do some men think it’s ok to want a 21st-century woman with 20th-century values when they want to remain as 21st-century men?

When my grandparents were married, my grandmother was a stay at home wife. She cooked, cleaned, and cared for her children while my grandfather worked. This was the living situation for most couples at that time.

Let’s be clear…the MEN COVERED ALL EXPENSES!!!! My grandmother told me that she got a weekly allowance from my grandfather because she didn’t have her own money. This caused women to be more submissive. Men ensured that their family had a roof over their head and food on the table. It was extremely rare for a man to sit at home all day and depend on a woman. Men were independent and didn’t expect anything from women or depend on them to keep the family afloat financially.

Image result for wife that cooks and cleans

Fast forward to 2017.

Image result for working mom
More women are the head of the household and have most of, if not all of these qualities below
1.A good paying job
2.A car
3.A house
4.They are great mothers
6.Great cook
9.Ok with splitting the expenses 50/50
10.Dresses well
11.Keeps hair, nails, and feet done at all times
12.Good credit

These are qualities that society has said women need to have to be “wife-material”.

These are all great qualities, and I would want all of this things as well if I was a man looking for a wife. But….as a man, can you match this qualification???

If the answer is no, please go back and re-evaluate your standards.

Some men want a woman to be submissive and have said “Back in the day women treated men like men” Ummm question..are you the man that the men were “back in the day”!!

It’s unfair to expect a woman to cook, clean, take care of children and entertain you, after working all day. On top of that, also expecting her to pay bills, and carry the family on her back solely or with little help! You can’t have it both ways!

“Back in the day” men courted women, they opened doors, they paid for dinner (with no expectation of the woman tipping), they picked her up in THEIR car and walked her to the door. Men married women, had children and took care of their families. It was very rare for a man to be with a woman for years, have children with her and not marry her. That was the standard, and the men were considered less of a man if he couldn’t do these things. Nowadays, some men expect women to split everything 50/50, take care of them emotionally, financially, and sexually all while having no intention of marrying the woman. We call it “playing house”. These men then say we don’t treat them like a man. Interesting right?!! Women are expected to play both women…. the old school submissive women, and the new school independent women. Not to say it’s anything wrong with being both, but there’s no way I should be forced to be independent and deal with the ups and downs of a relationship. If I have to be independent I would rather be single.


I’m not man bashing! I love men…just shedding some light on a few things we talk about as women.
I’m not judging anyone in this situation either because I was in this situation for a while myself.
How do you feel about this….Comment Below!


19 thoughts on “Some Men want a 21st-century woman with 20th-century values.

  1. This is a great post! I always feel like the expectations for women keep growing, while (some) men are not stepping it up at home. If women are taking a leading role at home and financially they shouldn’t be expected to let the man make all the decisions like they did when men were solely supporting their families. Although I would not ever want it to go back to wives being submissive, the shift in roles has made things more complicated.

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    1. Thank you so much! I feel the same way as you, back then women with good husbands that weren’t controlling could submit and cater to their men, but now we are working and being a mom and it makes it very hard to be catering to a man when we can’t even cater to ourselves. There’s just not enough hours in the day! 😩

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  2. Preach! I’m perfectly ok to be a stay at home lady who cooks, cleans and does all the housework and you can support me financially, etc. but if that isn’t happening then ya better step up to the plate and do 1/2 of the daily chores too!! Otherwise, yep…staying single is fine with me! Not willing to settle…no need to these days!

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  3. Such a good way of presenting that argument… enjoyed reading it and agree!

    If I’m to be a stepford wife AND equal provider why would some schmuck expect to stay a gamer dude and not pull his own weight financially or on the home front? Never happened to me, I have a good one myself- but boy have I seen that happen a ton to friends of mine.

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  4. I dig this one. I think there’s nothing wrong with tradition from prior generations. But more importantly, I believe a woman as much as a man should be able to do what they feel in regards to relationships, ownerships, jobs and children, and by no means should any action taken – especially from a women – being considered as un-natural or strange. Fact is, women are by no means less or more important than men, in my eyes at least. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s how I’ve always seen things, so the idea of a stay at home mother who doesn’t (isn’t allowed to go to work) just seems so uncommon and barbaric to me.

    For me at least, if a woman wants go to work, okay. If she wants to be a stay at-home mother, okay. If she wants to dress sharply everyday with make-up, okay. And if she doesn’t, well hey, even better.
    Relationships with power struggles just seem so alien to me.

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