STEP 2 to The New Me! 

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou
“Don’t wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get you’ve got to make yourself.” – Alice Walker

The 2nd step to my journey is extremely important to me, and I am so excited to share and hopefully inspire someone else.  
Change has to be full circle for it to be permanent. Yes, my physical appearance is important to my self-esteem, it also plays a huge part in my journey. But, step 2 is so much deeper and for me it is the hardest step.
Step 2 is all about mental and spiritual growth.
This step is so crucial to my journey… I still have some ways to go, but I am proud to say that I have made progress!
I literally had to change the way I think completely. I have a habit of overthinking….I still overthink now but, I’ve gotten a little better. Before my change I had a really bad habit of thinking the absolute worst about every single thing! If I was talking to a guy and I didn’t hear from him all day I would come up with a million reason why he didn’t call me. 

1. He thinks I need to lose weight.

2. I talked too much last time we talked.

3. He’s married or has a girlfriend. 

4. He just doesn’t like me.

Meanwhile he ends up calling me that night and tells me how busy his day was.

I applied for a new position at work and in my mind it was a disaster when I didn’t get the job. I was so upset and felt like nothing in my life was going my way. I constantly reminded myself of everything that I thought was going wrong. Yes! I would literally drive myself insane! Then I realized the importance of..what is for me is for me! What is for someone else is for them! I stopped getting caught up and worrying about others and what I thought was so great for them and focused on ME!

 I applied for another position recently. After I applied I prayed about it but I didn’t get my hopes up. I simply told myself if it’s meant to be it will be and I left it alone. I start my new position September 18th! 😉

Today I take my time when I think. I re-evaluate the entire situation…the pros, the cons and I ask myself “what can I do to change this?” If the answer is nothing I pray about it and move forward with life. I can not continue to drive myself insane with these made up scenarios and thinking about what may or may not happen. I will definitely say I go with the flow more. Instead of seeing the “wrongs” or “bad things” going on in my life, I focus on the positives and all of the great things I am thankful for.

I start my day by waking up in the morning and meditating for 5-10 minutes depending on how early I wake up. It’s really not about the time for me, it more about waking up and immediately speaking positivity into my life; it can be for 1 min or 1 hour which ever works for me that day. The link to my favorite morning mediation video is below. 👇🏾👇🏾

After my meditation I pray. I thank God for all of my blessings and ask for the strength to better myself as a mother and woman. I pray for happiness because I never want to go back to being unhappy with myself and unhappy with life. 

I start my day with positive thoughts and I set small realistic goals to complete for the day.

Example: Say hello to one person at work that you don’t care for. 
This is not for them but for me and my growth. 
I accept my life as it is today and strive for a better tomorrow. I appreciate all of the great things I have in my life and I focus more on being thankful! I praise myself for my accomplishments and I don’t worry too much about mistakes I’ve made. I focus on making sure my mistakes turn into life lessons and I push through with life. Dwelling on the past is a sure way to become depressed and also stuck in the past. If you are stuck in your past there’s no way you will move forward. I am keeping my focus and moving forward ONLY! No more moving backwards, making the same mistakes and crying over the same milk that I’ve spilled 11 other times. 

My mind is free! Free is negativity, free of self-hatred, free of insecurities and free of pain from the past! 

Listen!! I have my moments when I fall right back into that black hole of insecurity and I began to focus on everything I’ve done wrong. I pull myself right back out and focus even harder on my growth and my journey! 


13 thoughts on “STEP 2 to The New Me! 

  1. This is a great post and very true. First off, Congratulations on the new position! It must be exciting to know that your very best was good enough and that you are able to start a new chapter in life. I love reading positivity and they way the post started off caught me immediately. Keep breaking those barriers and trying to change your way of thinking, yea you will not be perfect all of the time, but for the most part you will be at peace with yourself and your life.

    -Luna 🙂

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  2. What an incredible post! Congratulations on the new position and the more positive mind set! Changing the way we think is often the hardest part of any journey (at least for me) but it is so crucial to our mental health that if we can figure out a way to treat ourselves with the respect and grace we deserve, we are then able to live a more happy, free, productive life! Proud of you girl! xo

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  3. This blog entry is everything.
    I’m new to WordPress and I’ve been searching, and searching to find someone that talks about growth. I’m on the same journey as you and your step 2 will get easier by the day trust me. You’re on the right track. It’s all about self-control and believing in yourself. Always stay clear of negativity and even if it pops up out the blue make something positive of it and you’ll be okay. If you don’t like or care for the color yellow once you start realizing how beautiful it is you’ll be well on your way to step 3. Thanks for this entry Sunshine! 🌻

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