I have definitely been dragging my feet with blogging about step 3 to the new me, which is my final step. It’s been so hard to blog about step 3 because I can’t seem to master this step.
Step 3 is all about physical health and being a healthier person inside and out. I have stated before that I have been struggling with my weight. At 200 pounds I feel extremely uncomfortable and BLAH!
My goal weight is 150.
This leads me to my question…
Listen, I know it’s doable…plenty of people lose weight by changing their lifestyle and diet, but how do they find the time and motivation? Can someone just give me $20,000 already, so I can go to Dr. Miami!!!
I know everything single thing that I need to do to lose weight, but I lose focus so quickly.
Example: Last week I juiced all day along with eating a small, healthy but filling lunch. My plan was to workout in the morning and at night for 10 minutes (YouTube) and drink a gallon of water a day. I didn’t drink as much water as I planned to and I didn’t work out every day…in spite of it all, I lost 2 pounds in 3 days. Monday-Friday I was on a roll…Friday night it all came crashing down!! This weekend I ate, ate and ate some more… and no, it wasn’t healthy foods.
Right now, I feel terrible. I was so motivated and I ended up back at square 1.
This is my last step to building a better me, and I know and understand that health is wealth. I don’t want to only lose weight, I want to be healthier and feel better inside and look better outside. I also want to set an example for my children so that they too will want to eat healthily and stay active as they get older.
Please do not hesitate to comment with any advice!!

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  1. Don’t try to do everything at the same time. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Build up gradually. For example. Week 1 keep a food diary…what you are, when and why. Second week continue with diary, start keeping track of water intake. Next week keep track of exercise. Make the first goal 1 workout that week. Next week add another workout. Then when you have a month of food diary, analyze your patterns and work on one bad habit at a ti e

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  2. I started a new job and it seems like just that change has helped to kick start some weight loss in me. I walk to and from work every day and run around looking after kids. I eat smaller portions if I’m at work because I’m usually busy and I have no time to snack. Just these little changes have helped me drop about 30lbs since January. I didn’t even realise it was happening until someone mentioned how different I look and then I was so happy to find out how much I had dropped that I’m now making the conscious effort to keep it off.

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      1. It really is! I like the idea that bullet journals have – to put a fitness tracker on one of the pages. I might try adding one of those to my regular day planner (because who actually has time to set up a bullet journal?!)

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