Love or Looks????

When meeting someone, your initial attraction to that person is their looks. You don’t know if a person has a good personality until you actually have a conversation with them and/or spend time with them alone. The first thing that people see is how you look and how you dress. Right!?!  Tonight my question is: […]

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Relationships are hard right?!!!  No matter how much you love your partner and how happy you are with them, everyone experiences hard times at some point in their relationship. Everyone has different things they will and will not tolerate in a relationship. What do you expect out of your relationship? My question is… In a […]


Double Standards

Yesterday we talked about sex on the first day. I read all of the comments and I really enjoyed reading different points of views! Thanks again for all of the comments and likes. This topic led me to wonder..why is there a double standard when it comes to sex?  If sex occurs on the first […]

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Why does she stay?

“She’s so much better than me I’m so unworthy of her Oh, why does she stay? Why does she stay, why”   -Neyo I have met so many women that stay in toxic relationships for YEARS! I AM ONE OF THEM. I am no longer ashamed to say it and own it! I stayed in a […]

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Hey Men, HELP US!!!!!! 

As women we have so much on our plates. Being a mother, a partner, an employee (or house wife, that job is just as hard if not harder), and so much more, for everyone else is very difficult. I know a few women who work everyday, take care of their children and get absolutely no […]

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Positive Vibes Only!  

neg·a·tiv·i·ty ˌneɡəˈtivədē/ noun- the expression of criticism of or pessimism about something.”he was taken aback by the negativity of the press”                             I use to be a very negative person. When people got engaged or married, I wasn’t happy for them. I […]

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